Worldwide, Free & Discreet Shipping!


Purchase process

1. Choose your dream doll, pre-customized (or contact us for full customization) and proceed to checkout, where you can pay convienently with credit card or per PayPal. If you add your phone number at the checkout, you will be informed by sms about the tracking state (DHL or FedEx).

Please note: After 24 hours, it’s not possible to cancel your order. Your doll will be custom made for you, even if you choose a pre-customized doll!

2. Your doll will be manufactured within 5 days on average. As soon as it is ready, we will send you some factory pictures of your doll. If you, for some strange reason, shouldn’t like it, you would have the opportunity to choose another head for a fee of 150$ or let us change the make up for free. Of course this would delay the shipment for another few days.

3. If finally everything is fine, we ship the package to your address (DHL or FedEx), wich takes 1-2 weeks in average, depending on the country you live in.

4. The day! You receive your package, which will look like this:

5. Check if everything is ok and immediately let us know, (although this is very unlikely,) if something is wrong, missing or broke.

6. Unpack and enjoy your doll training!

7. Clean and maintain your doll for longer durability!