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How to figure out which sellers are legit / Beware of self-appointed experts!

“Is legit?”

Well, in fact being legit is even our main purpose for existence! Our mission is to 

  • defeat fake dolls, their resellers and other scammers, 
  • offer highest quality sex dolls at a fair price
  • and to establish doll training as a new fitness trend.

Let me give you an example, if you’re not aware of the problem in this business. We won’t mention any names but you will find a lot of resellers which offer “WM” dolls for 500$. As an example, they offer this doll (WM Doll 140cm/4ft7, 25kg/55lbs, A-Cup, 57# Head):

They ensure you: “Yes, it’s an original WM doll! 500$ & free shipping! Same quality as an official WM store, you only pay for their brand name!”

But what you eventually will get is this:

And be aware, this shop has a rating of 4.9/5! You should believe only in the ratings/reviews you faked yourself! 😉

Then there are smarter scammers: Self-appointed experts and sex doll review sites. They will tell you which sites are legit, which not and why. They may have some true and valid points! But what they won’t tell you is: Their most praised and favorite sex doll shop is their own. And who knows which dolls they are selling, original or not…


Why should you believe us? 

You don’t even need to believe! Because:

First of all, you need to know that Jinsan is the one and only manufacturer of original WM, YL and OR dolls whereas WM is their own designed brand.

As they are based in China, their main home page is and for western customers it is

Due to all these fakes and scammers, from now on (since 12/2019), every WM doll gets its own “certificate of authenticity” code which looks like this:

This code can then be verified at Jinsan is currently also working on the same for YL and OR dolls.