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How to afford a sex doll

First of all: Sex dolls are not cheap but also not toooooo expensive, at least not at 😉

As we are not that greedy and we focus more on quality and customer satisfaction instead of expensive marketing and high quality webdesign, our expenses are quite low. So we are able to sell our dolls at a lower price than our competitors, i.e. our prices are at the very low end of all real WM, YL and OR brand sex dolls. Just to be very clear: Our dolls are the exact same quality as the more expensive ones! They are original WM, YL or OR dolls, manufactured by Jinsan. We will elaborate on this in an upcoming post.

But still, here are some thoughts and tips on how to afford a sex doll:

1. The main concept of Buy a doll as a training device!
Instead of wasting your money for a gym membership or for an ergometer! I know a lot of guys who also go to the gym to impress women, to perform better in bed. In fact I was such a guy myself! Do you know the sensation of “muscle tremor” in your arms or legs while having sex (after being abstinent for some weeks) because you don’t use the same muscles as in your advanced high weight strength training? Sooo, what do you think? Is there a better sexual performance improvement training than a doll training? Of course, real sex with a real women. But even if you have a girlfriend…is she able and willing to follow a strict training/sex plan? 😀 

2. If you’re a regular visitor of brothels or a customer of escort agencies: How’s cool is that? One payment only, 1350-2000$, for unlimited sex! If you take care of her, she will serve you for years!

3. You think real women are less expensive? Something to read for you here

Quote: “the dating phase prior to an offline marriage runs up a $23,660 tab.”

4. Do you drink and/or smoke? How much would you save, if you stop for at least 1 year? Do the math!