How to figure out which sellers are legit / Beware of self-appointed experts!

“Is legit?” Well, in fact being legit is even our main purpose for existence! Our mission is to  defeat fake dolls, their resellers and other scammers,  offer highest quality sex dolls at a fair price and to establish doll training as a new fitness trend. Let me give you an example, if you’re not aware of […]

About price and fake sex dolls

When you come across sex dolls for the first time, your thoughts may be:  “Wow! Do they look like that for real? Or is this only photoshopped?!” And when you do a little research for the best offer:  “Wait, what? The same doll for 750$ up to 3000$?!?! So…which price is legit? And which price […]

Normal or standing feet?

Let me first show you how standing feet look like: In order to be able to stand, additional skeleton parts with 3 screws are necessary. Pros of standing feet: 1. Your doll is able to stand! 😉 2. Great for photography. 3. You’re able to perform standing sex with her/him. Although it’s not very stable […]

Fixed or removable vagina?

Fixed/built-in vagina:  A fixed vagina is built into the dolls body. Pros: 1. More realistic feeling. 2. Better aesthetics. Cons: 1. It is harder to clean and dry after use. The doll is quite heavy, so I guess you don’t want to take her to the shower after each time. 😉 2. If something is […]

Purchase process

1. Choose your dream doll, pre-customized (or contact us for full customization) and proceed to checkout, where you can pay convienently with credit card or per PayPal. If you add your phone number at the checkout, you will be informed by sms about the tracking state (DHL or FedEx). Please note: After 24 hours, it’s […]