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Are sex dolls creepy/for losers?

Short answer: 

Of course not! 

Long answer: 

It’s the same with all new crazy technological inventions. Until it’s not well known and mainstream everything is strange/creepy etc. 

Let’s take the steam locomotive as an example. A lot of people at that time were afraid of it. It was creepy too. Probably an invention from Satan! Even the doctors of this period warned about it. “It’s very likely harmful to the human body, moving with this unbelievable high velocity of 20mph (30km/h)!” they said. And steam locomotives today? All of these concerns seem extremely ridiculous.

So, as everywhere it’s just a matter of your perspective. You also could consider dildos and vibrators as creepy women, if you think of them as “chopped off fake penises” which are even able to vibrate…omg, how creepy!

And concerning the loser stigma: Masturbating with your hand (and due to the higher friction desensitizing your penis nerves longterm) in front of a computer, while watching other people have sex…is this less loser-like as doing a sex workout with a hyperrealistic love doll?! 

Or imagine you buying and using a love doll because you don’t want to waste time and energy for women but instead fully focus on your education or start-up business. And while doing so, you improve your fitness and become more successful. At the same time your friend uses his time and energy for real women, falls in love, gets married, has children, has no sex anymore (not too rare in longterm relationships/marriages), finally gets divorced and has to pay a lot for his ex-wife and children. Who would you consider more to be a loser? 

In our perspective sex dolls are solely and exclusively state of the art masturbation toys and in every aspect much better than fapping to porn.