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About price and fake sex dolls

When you come across sex dolls for the first time, your thoughts may be: 

“Wow! Do they look like that for real? Or is this only photoshopped?!”

And when you do a little research for the best offer: 

“Wait, what? The same doll for 750$ up to 3000$?!?! So…which price is legit? And which price implies it’s a fake doll?”

Short answer to both questions with an example of a WM doll with the 122# head:

As you can see, the amateur snapshots of our dolls look pretty much the same as the professional marketing pictures, whereas the low priced doll of the “certified original” but actually fake doll seller looks like…you name it. 

So the answer to the first question is: Yes, they may be photoshopped a little bit but only for getting the maximum out of the pictures for the marketing. We will provide some raw/unedited pictures of our and our customers dolls on here

To the second question: Our prices are currently at the low end. Maybe you will find a seller which offers one or the other doll for about 50$ less but that’s it. If you find cheaper dolls, be warned! Looks and quality are very low to a very high probability.