About us

Who we are:

We are a brand new (online since 11/2019) sex doll shop, currently for all original WM, YL and OR love dolls (manufactured by Jinsan). As there are so many greedy and/or fake sellers and scammy self-appointed experts, our goal is to set new quality standards by providing the most transparent and useful information and the highest quality sex dolls for the best price. And of course we also set highest standards for privacy and discreet packaging. 

We = Me, Ben, (see picture) and concerning love dolls: The one and only, i. e. single manufacturer of the original WM, YL and OR sex doll brand. Please check out this article for more information. 

Why "Dolltraining"?

There are many reasons why sex dolls are great! But we like to emphasize the improvement of confidence, athletic and sexual performance these hyperrealistic love dolls can bring to you. 

Why should you go to the gym, buy a ergometer etc. when you can also buy a sex doll and have a lot of highly enjoyable training sessions to stay fit and to impress the next girl you will meet?! 

You will benefit from improved calmness/reduction of anxiety when talking to hot girls as you get used to such beauty and hot bodies. 

So doll training includes physical fitness, sexual endurance/control and the strengthening of your mind and emotions.